Golden Rule Honey, LLC Presents:

Northeast Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference
 Friday, July 31 through Sunday, August 2, 2009
Doyle Conservation Center
Leominster, Massachusetts
"Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed”

Michael Bush
Michael's website is, quite simply, the best current book on beekeeping (and it's free _and_ up to date).  Some of the most concise and precise writing on beekeeping you are likely to come across.

Michael is a true renaissance man.  His assimilation of deep knowledge in so many varied fields gives him the perspective to distill bee/beekeeping concepts into clear language and examples that anyone can understand.  One of our favorites is:

Having an area of the hive that is the only part there when chemicals are applied is a nice idea, but it's a lot like a no-peeing section in a swimming pool."

His writing is informed by not only his beekeeping experience/research, but a history of replying to (literally) tens of thousands of questions on various beekeeping email lists and forums.  His presentations are therefore targeted to the questions people tend to have on the subject, and his Powerpoints are available on his website.

Michael keeps bees and raises queens (mostly from feral populations) in Greenwood, Nebraska.