Golden Rule Honey, LLC Presents:

Northeast Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference
 Friday, July 31 through Sunday, August 2, 2009
Doyle Conservation Center
Leominster, Massachusetts
"Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed”

Michael Palmer
Michael has the best answer for, "how did you become a beekeeper"?

He used to produce maple syrup for a living.  He used to cut, move, split, stack, and burn 100 cords of wood to boil off the excess water from the maple sap.  He realized that bees would essentially do this same job, evaporate water from dilute plant sugars, with a lot less effort on his part.  He became a commercial beekeeper.

Michael's operation is almost on the Canadian border, where he produces honey and breeds locally adapted queens.  He is one of the most highly respected beekeepers in New England, and is supportive of those not wanting to use treatments at all.

Michael will share with us some of the tricks he has worked out over the years (as well as good old fashioned beekeeping), with an emphasis on overwintering 5 frame nucs.  This overwintering method (and others like it) are very helpful when looking to keep one's operation self sufficient, treatment free, and growing.